Nobu in Malibu 

I have lived in Southern California almost all of my life but rarely do I ever go to Malibu. It’s funny because Roman, who is the tourist and flew in from Pennsylvania to California, was the one who planned our date in Malibu! And not just at any restaurant.. But Nobu! 

Some of my favorite celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and Kendal Jenner eat at this specific branch often so it was quite an experience just being there. 

The view was breathtaking. We were able to catch the sunset right when we arrived! 

The timing was perfect because right after this shot was taken, our table was ready! 

We had no appointment but we were seated within ten minutes. It was a Wednesday night and we arrived around 6:30pm. There was a good amount of people but not hectic.

We mainly ordered what our waiter recommended us. We were glad we listened because everything was delightful. The black cod fish was amazing. It melts in your mouth! 

It was our absolute favorite. The second dish that I truly enjoyed was the tuna sashimi cilantro salad. It was full of flavor and filling. The rest of the food we ordered– we devoured. Everything was just so tasty!

The place had such nice ambience. Perfect place for a nice date! 

Can I just say, I love how romantic Roman is when it comes to planning our dates. I just love and appreciate him and all his effort, especially being in a long distance relationship the physical part of not being able to go on dates as often as we’d like can be tough but he is worth it. This relationship that we have is definitely worth it.


Jesci Mari


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