Pacific Coast Highway View

The California Coast

Nothing can describe the beauty of the California Coast.

 The Pacific Ocean. The scent. The air. The views. The mountains. The nature. The serenity.

I cannot describe it.

You have to see and experience it for yourself.

Pacific Coast Drive

View of the Pacific Ocean and California Coast

Jesci and I have a passion for traveling. We love to travel. And I mean, we LOVE to to travel! After spending some time in Northern California, we decided to make the drive on the scenic Pacific Coast Highway (Route 1) all the way back down to Los Angeles. It is hands down the most peaceful and scenic drive that we have ever done. It’s a long drive. And I mean long. It literally took us about 14 hours to drive from Northern California to LA, but I can honestly tell you that those 14 hours flew by. Time flies when I am with Jesci and I wish it didn’t go so fast! While I did do the majority of the driving, she would massage me and always make sure that I was comfortable driving. She would also constantly offer to drive and I did take her up on that offer a few times! I did end up falling asleep, but it was not for long as I could not get enough of the views!

Pacific Ocean

Views from our walk to the Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean Mountains California Coast

Beautiful view of the mountains

Rocks Pacific Ocean

Another beautiful view


Another beautiful California coast view


McWay Falls

McWay Falls at Big Sur, California

Pacific Coast Highway View

I would have to say that this is one of my favorite all time pictures, if not my favorite picture, of Jesci and I. This was taken at a random location literally right off of the Pacific Coast Highway.

I wanted to share our experience, but the pictures and videos do not do justice.

You have to see and experience it yourself.




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