Mini getaway to San Francisco, CA

Seven hour drive which felt like less than two hours. I guess that’s what happens when you’re on a road trip with your best friend who also happens to be your boyfriend. Time just flies when you’re with the love of your life.. just the two of you on the road with music and enjoying the scenery.


We got lost for a little bit and didn’t realize we were headed towards the wrong direction but it was not a problem because that just meant more adventure!


Lost but look at that view! So beautiful

When we arrived in San Francisco, we went straight to the hotel to check-in. Roman booked us a place at The Vitale and oh my goodness, the place was absolutely gorgeous! We were in the Financial District and had walking distance to the Bay Bridge and a mini farmers market just right across. Location could not of had been any more convenient.

For dinner, we were both craving sushi so we went on a mission trying to find the most appealing Japanese restaurant in the area. There were so many and we were overwhelmed with choosing a place but eventually we decided with a hole in a wall type of sushi place (I can’t remember the name) and their food was SO DELICIOUS! Seriously, I don’t know if it’s because we were starving but we loved the sushi and the chicken teriyaki bowl that I ordered.

After dinner, we decided to go to an Irish pub right next door and had a few drinks. I mean, we can’t just go to San Francisco and not experience the night life right? Roman ordered our drinks and we didn’t stay long. We had a great time though!


That pretty much wrapped up our first day in San Francisco! The next day, we walked to the farmers market and just hung out. It was nice because there was the nice view of the Bay Bridge!


Gloomy SF


My love ft. Bay Bridge

After walking around the farmers market, we took a Lyft to the fisherman’s wharf. We had breakfast at a nice family owned seafood restaurant that was right on the pier. We loved it! The food and staff were superb. We loved the clam chowder! It was unique and had their own version to it.


Everything was just so delicious. I’m glad Roman and I picked this place! Clam chowder and seafood in San Francisco is a MUST!

Just as every other tourist in SF, we decided to go to the famous Lombard Street! We actually walked from the fisherman’s wharf to there and surprisingly it was not that bad. The walk was not far at all but going up the super steep hill was a bit challenging but I pushed right through it. It was a piece of cake for Roman and he didn’t even struggle one bit! Lol


The view from the top of Lombard Street. Steep hill!


The most crooked street in the world right behind us!

Once the sun had set and the city lights were on, we went to the Twin Peaks. It’s a place that offers spectacular views of the Bay Area, and is a world-famous tourist attraction. The view truly was amazing. Roman and I loved it.


Breathtaking view of the Bay Area

That summarized our mini getaway to San Francisco and words cannot express how much I loved every single moment especially being able to experience it all with Roman.

Have a blessed one!



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