Cabo San Lucas

It’s currently 10pm and I am exhausted. I arrived in Mexico at 3pm and since then, I have not really had the time to rest. I’m not complaining though, this place is beautiful and it’s nice being outside the room and enjoying what Cabo has to offer! 

The only downside to this vacation is that Roman is not here on this getaway. It makes me miss him more and wish that he was here relaxing by the beach with me. We already planned on going back here together sometime in the near future so that’s exciting! 

Tomorrow is a much more busy yet another relaxing day so I’ll be sharing more pictures! But for now, enjoy these photos from my first official day here in Cabo San Lucas! 

lobby of our beautiful beach resort – Villa del Palmar

part of the beach resort

lunch at this cute taco place with a beautiful view

Tacos and quesadillas

Non-alcoholic piña colada

Living room area plus the kitchen

God’s artwork

I’m here until Thursday so I have lots to share! Hopefully not too long from now I’ll be back here with my love, Roman Marcus. But for now, I’ll enjoy this vacation with the family ❤️

Have a great rest of the weekend, everyone!


Jesci Mari 


4 thoughts on “Cabo San Lucas

  1. Mack says:

    Beautiful photos and thanks for sharing them. That sunset…I know pictures never do justice so I can’t imagine how absolutely stunning it was in real life considering it is a gorgeous picture. And my husband and I lived on non-alcoholic pina coladas all day in Bora-Bora! The BESTTT. Can’t wait to see the rest of the trip. Also, my friend named her daughter Selah- I noticed your tattoo. Absolutely lovely. Have fun!

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