Day two in Paradise 

I absolutely love it here. We loved it so much we ended up buying a Time Share! What I love about the membership is that it’s all over the world and has so many benefits with our future travels. Just thinking about the places Roman and I can go to together is beyond exciting! 

Pictures say a thousand words, so less writing and I’ll just be sharing the photos from today! Enjoy!

One of the beautiful resorts that is a part of our Time Share

They popped a bottle of Champagne for being new members!

Jacuzzi in the Spa room

I did about half an hour in the Sauna

Gym with the parents!

Night swimming! Had the place all to ourselves

The night swimming was very much needed. My whole body feels relaxed and I feel great. Tomorrow is a new day filled with new adventures! 

God is so good and forever praising Him for all the blessings! 

P.S 10 more days until I’m reunited with Roman! ❤️


Jesci Mari


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