First snowfall! 

I woke up this morning excited and feeling like a little kid overjoyed because when I looked outside the window… I saw snow all over the backyard and for the first time in my life I witnessed snow falling from the sky! lol in California we’d drive up to the mountains of Mount Baldy or Big Bear during the winter if we want to see some snow, but never have I experienced having actual snowflakes land on my hair nor see it actually fall from the sky. So today, November 20 of 2016, I finally get to say I have experienced it and in Pennsylvania! And not just that, but experiencing it with Roman! He personally loves winter when it snows and it’s funny because I’m all excited but he’s so used to it so he probably thinks I’m crazy with my full on enthusiasm lol

Needless to say, we took a bunch of pictures right outside his house and Roman took 99% of the photos so I give all the credit to him for these beautiful shots!

Selfie time!

View from the front yard

Trees from the backyard

Selfie #2 with my love

One of the only two pictures I took lol

Doesn’t this look like a postcard?!

Love love love the trees

View from their backyard

Today was a nice day. We went to church in the morning, relaxed and watched football all day while keeping warm by the fireplace and now I’m cozied up in bed keeping warm. ❤️

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed week!




7 thoughts on “First snowfall! 

  1. Mack says:

    OK . I am honestly SOOOO jealous right now!!!!! We are getting snow pictures from our friends back home too, and I thought that I would appreciate NOT having the cold and snow, but I weirdly miss it so much. And you two… you know how I pretty much just love you guys. Cutest couple ever. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, dear! xox

    Liked by 1 person

    • RomanAndJesci says:

      Aww thanks Mack! You and DJ are one of my favorite couple!! Seriously, Roman and I are just so fond of you two! Lol east coast winter is so different from California, but I hope you guys are enjoying the weather out there nonetheless! ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mack says:

        Awwwww- making me blush, hehe. GIRL- same goes to you guys too!!! I get so excited when I see a post about ya’ll. Can’t wait to see the holiday vacay recap! Woohoo! And yes- despite the fact that I do miss the snow, I can’t complain that I can still get away with wearing shorts outside. Hope you are having a lovely start to your week, dear! xo


  2. lovejennyxo says:

    There’s no denying that snow does make everything look SO pretty….especially the very first snow fall of the year! (however, I still can’t say that I love the snow lol) The pictures you guys took really do look like its right out of a postcard! You and Roman are so sweet together. I love how you guys can share your first snowfall together- building new memories, you guys make my heart melt! ❤

    xo, JJ


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