One day left until we sail off to the Caribbean! 

Happy Sunday, everyone! We hope you all had a blessed day and a great weekend. 

Our flight leaves tomorrow evening for Florida and Tuesday afternoon, we will officially be boarding the ship. We are excited beyond words and it is surreal to think that it’s finally here! December flew by quickly. Actually, this whole year flew by! 2017 is just right around the corner. Let this be a mere reminder to live each day and enjoy every single moment because before we know it, a whole year has already passed right before our eyes! Also another reminder to never go a day without letting your loved ones know how much they mean to you! 

Back to the main topic;

We spent majority of the weekend packing and getting everything together. My goal was to pack light and not bring too much luggage since I was inspired by Roman’s father, Mark, who is an expert with traveling light and can make one small luggage work for a 10 day cruise. Unfortunately, I ended up with two check-in bags, one carry on, and one big purse. I tried my best to filter out the items I don’t need, but my brain was telling me otherwise and convinced me I needed to bring it all. Lol at the end, it all worked out because despite filling 3 luggages, I was still under the weight limit of 50lbs so at least that’s good! It would have been really bad if I had tons of bags and over the weight limit! 

Roman had no problem getting his things together but that’s no surprise. Lol 

After church today, we were craving sushi so we went to Pearl Sushi Bar. The atmosphere was modern and had a nice vibe to it. Food and service were excellent too! 

Sushi bar inside the Mohegan Sun Casino

Hibachi dinners are the best! 

Rainbow Roll + Shrimp Tempura with Spicy Tuna on top! 

Overall it was a great day and we cannot wait until tomorrow! ❤️ 

Have a wonderful week and thank you for reading!




3 thoughts on “One day left until we sail off to the Caribbean! 

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Oh my goshhh- I packed the exact SAME amount to travel. It was comical as I was going through the airport alone (DJ had to stay in California for work), and I had my two big bags to check, one big one to carry on, and my purse. I couldn’t physically balance them all, so they kept falling. I probably should have been more embarrassed than I was, but I found it hilarious. Also- have I mentioned that I’m SO excited for you guys!??! I cannot wait to read about it. And that sushi looks like all my wildest dreams come true. It’s been about a month since I’ve had sushi, so I’m having withdrawals for real. OK I need to stop before I write a novel. Have such a good time, lovely xoxooxoxoxo.


  2. lovejennyxo says:

    AHH I’m so excited for you guys to go on this trip!!! And I can’t wait to see all the beautiful pictures, hopefully you’ll be able to post little bits and pieces of it on your insta 😉 And no wayyy you guys were at Moheagan?! I love going there….mostly for food and people watching, I’m not a gambler at all lol and neither is Andrew but we were planning on going there this past weekend but decided to nix every plan because of the snow and had a lazy weekend instead lol I can’t believe I haven’t been to that sushi bar though- I’m noting to go there next time! How far are you guys from there?? Anyways, HAve so much fun and safe travels- get enough vitamin D for all of us!!!

    xo, JJ


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