The beginning


Roman and I have been dating for almost nine months now. It’s surreal to think of all the things we have experienced together since January of 2016 when we first met. We give all praise to God because the relationship that we have with one another would not of had been possible without Him. We have built the foundation of our relationship through Christ and continue to put Him as the center of our lives and we give credit to Him for the endless blessings He has given us to sustain the special bond we share with one another. Roman lives in Northeast Pennsylvania and I’m from Southern California. We are completely on the other side of the country from one another but God made it all possible!

We met on a Christian app called Instapray sometime in May of last year. It’s a community for Christians who pray with one another all over the world. One night, I posted a status that for anyone who had a prayer request to message me and I’ll keep them in my prayer. Roman messaged me shortly with his prayer request and instantly, we clicked and became good friends. We talked throughout the year and I always had a crush on him. The more I learned about him, the more certain I was that he was the man I’ve been praying to God for. He has a strong love for Jesus, family-oriented, ambitious, hard working, sweet, humorous, gentleman, basketball lover, dog lover– the list goes on! I was constantly asking myself, “Is he real?!” because never in my 20 year of living have I ever met anyone like him.

For my 21st birthday in January, I had planned to go to Vegas last minute with a few of my closest friends. It would be all of our first time to go (legally as 21) and I was quite nervous. The first thing I thought of was to send Roman a text and to ask him to pray for our trip. To my surprise, he was in Vegas for business and will be there during the weekend I was coming.  I was excited and nervous because we were going to finally meet each other in person for the first time and totally unexpected!

We officially met on Saturday evening, January 23rd at Caesars Palace. I still remember the first time I saw him. I ran up to him and hugged him tight. I was nervous and I’m sure he noticed. He was such a gentleman and was the absolute sweetest. Our first date was at the top of Stratosphere and the view was breathtaking. We enjoyed each others company and didn’t realize it was almost 5am already. He got me a taxi and rode back with me to my hotel to make sure I got back safely. Time flew that evening. I loved every moment with him.

From that night, we talked every single day and our connection grew stronger. It didn’t take long until he asked me to be his girlfriend. 7 days to be exact! Since then, we’ve had many adventures from him flying to CA to meet the family, watching Kobe play against Lebron at the Staples Center, road trip to San Francisco-Napa Valley-CA coastline-Vegas and many many more!

We created this blog in hopes of inspiring other couples who are in a long distance relationship, as well as sharing our experience and some tips from our travels and from our day to day lifestyle!


Jesci Mari