Bloomsburg Fair 2017

First and foremost, can I just acknowledge the fact that in just a few days, it will be exactly one year since I’ve moved across the country to be with Roman? How surreal! When Roman and I started this blog, I was still living in California while he was here in Pennsylvania and we were sharing with all of you our travels together as well as how we were managing long distance! Time flies!

But to get back to the main topic of this post: Bloomsburg Fair! Roman and I went this past weekend along with his parents Mark and Doni. I had 3 days off and we thought, what better way to spend it than go to the fair?! We went on Saturday late afternoon and we could not get over how perfect the weather was. We picked the best day to go! I heard it usually rains this time of year so we were thrilled with our high 90’s weather! 

Parking was full! Lots of people!

It was Roman and I’s first time attending the fair together, which made it special but even extra special to have spent the day with his parents as well! When we got to the parking lot, I was excited to see a helicopter! I’ve never been to a fair that offered helicopter rides so that was interesting.

Watching them prepare for takeoff!

And they’re up!

We were pretty hungry by the time we got inside considering we saved our appetite and we were not disappointed! There were HUNDREDS of food vendors right from the entrance and it was pretty overwhelming but in a good way of course! The very first thing we got was edible cookie dough and I couldn’t contain my excitement because earlier that day I was telling Roman how I was craving it and when he pointed it out to me, we made sure to get some right away!

We spot the edible cookie dough truck!

Roman trying the cake batter flavor and loved it

Happiness in a little cup

After getting our cookie dough craving out of the way, we continued on our food adventure! Lol 

Can’t go to a fair without some fries!

Deep fried everything!

And you definitely can’t go without having some deep fried Oreos!!! We tried the deep fried peanut butter too but the Oreos were better

Mark & Roman having the best apple cider! All natural!

BBQ is a MUST!

Turkey BBQ! So tasty.

Teriyaki noodles; full of flavor!

By the end of the night, we were stuffed lol but all the walking around we did made up for it. We had such a great time! Truly blessed to have experienced it this year and with the loved ones ❤️ 

Cute little bunny!!!

Reaching sunset 🌅

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a great rest of the week!




Life Update! 

Hi everyone! Roman and I have gone MIA these past few months and as much as we wanted to blog, so much has happened that we hardly had any time to sit and write! But we’re back and have plenty to share with you all! ❤️

Updated selfie with my love! I dyed my hair to brown! Lol

I came back from the Philippines to Pennsylvania first week of April. I had an amazing time there with family (I actually still have a few posts to make from the trip which will be up soon!) but it was nice coming back home to my love! 

So during my last week of vacation in the Philippines, I received an email from the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine stating that I was officially licensed and can practice as a Respiratory Care Practitioner! I was licensed in California but when I moved to the East Coast, the process of getting my license took MONTHS and at times I was getting discouraged but God is so good because it came and after the big trip to the Philippines! When I got back to PA, I sent out ONE application to this one hospital that’s literally only 15 minutes from the house and the next day, I got an interview and the following day after, I got offered the job! 

One of the biggest blessings of 2017, thus far! I prayed for an acute care hospital job as a Registered Respiratory Therapist since I graduated and I am more than thrilled to have received an offer at a Level 3 NICU center as a full time employee and with a highly generous sign on bonus! I’m still in shock honestly and I’m already 3 weeks going on 4 into the job. Lol I love what I do– from working with babies to kids to adults and everyday is something different! From being in the ER, NICU, ICU, or on a patient transport from one hospital to another and being part of the critical care team… it’s surreal to think back to how much I’ve learned and gained as an experience these last few weeks.

First day on the job!

I’m so thankful for the support I’ve been receiving on the daily basis from Roman, his parents, my family, Nan and everyone else!!! I would not be able to go through these 8-12 hour shifts without them and their love and continuous support. 

My schedule has been all over the place with orientation and now that I’m off orientation, my shifts are from 2-10pm and 2pm-2am! Roman and I are adjusting to this schedule because we have been used to being together everyday, but it’s a constant reminder for us to give it all to God and to let Him take care of our relationship and we know that He will never fail us! 

So asides my work, these other events have taken place!

Roman always loved nature but this Spring, he’s been into planting and gardening and it’s the cutest thing ever!! He’s made the front + backyard look so colorful with all the trees and flowers he’s planted!

My little gardener

And he has been such a handy man lately… he’s been setting up new furniture for the backyard and look how pretty this solar umbrella is!

He found his new hobby! Lol and me on the other hand… I started golf lessons with my friend Olivia and Roman’s mom, Doni! And it’s at one of the most beautiful golf clubs in North East PA!

Glenmaura Golf Club

Our classes are every Thursday night and each week they provide us unlimited drinks and a different theme! lol so far we’ve had Sangria and Margarita night! How awesome is that? Although I don’t drink, I’m sure everyone else is loved it! ☺️

And the last update for today:

Mark, Roman’s father, bought us these awesome new bikes!!!!! We were beyond excited and that was so thoughtful of him.


Thank you so much! You are the real MVP!!!

We love our new bikes!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend! Roman and I will be back to posting regularly and keeping updated with everyone’s post again! ❤️



Mini getaway to San Francisco, CA

Seven hour drive which felt like less than two hours. I guess that’s what happens when you’re on a road trip with your best friend who also happens to be your boyfriend. Time just flies when you’re with the love of your life.. just the two of you on the road with music and enjoying the scenery.


We got lost for a little bit and didn’t realize we were headed towards the wrong direction but it was not a problem because that just meant more adventure!


Lost but look at that view! So beautiful

When we arrived in San Francisco, we went straight to the hotel to check-in. Roman booked us a place at The Vitale and oh my goodness, the place was absolutely gorgeous! We were in the Financial District and had walking distance to the Bay Bridge and a mini farmers market just right across. Location could not of had been any more convenient.

For dinner, we were both craving sushi so we went on a mission trying to find the most appealing Japanese restaurant in the area. There were so many and we were overwhelmed with choosing a place but eventually we decided with a hole in a wall type of sushi place (I can’t remember the name) and their food was SO DELICIOUS! Seriously, I don’t know if it’s because we were starving but we loved the sushi and the chicken teriyaki bowl that I ordered.

After dinner, we decided to go to an Irish pub right next door and had a few drinks. I mean, we can’t just go to San Francisco and not experience the night life right? Roman ordered our drinks and we didn’t stay long. We had a great time though!


That pretty much wrapped up our first day in San Francisco! The next day, we walked to the farmers market and just hung out. It was nice because there was the nice view of the Bay Bridge!


Gloomy SF


My love ft. Bay Bridge

After walking around the farmers market, we took a Lyft to the fisherman’s wharf. We had breakfast at a nice family owned seafood restaurant that was right on the pier. We loved it! The food and staff were superb. We loved the clam chowder! It was unique and had their own version to it.


Everything was just so delicious. I’m glad Roman and I picked this place! Clam chowder and seafood in San Francisco is a MUST!

Just as every other tourist in SF, we decided to go to the famous Lombard Street! We actually walked from the fisherman’s wharf to there and surprisingly it was not that bad. The walk was not far at all but going up the super steep hill was a bit challenging but I pushed right through it. It was a piece of cake for Roman and he didn’t even struggle one bit! Lol


The view from the top of Lombard Street. Steep hill!


The most crooked street in the world right behind us!

Once the sun had set and the city lights were on, we went to the Twin Peaks. It’s a place that offers spectacular views of the Bay Area, and is a world-famous tourist attraction. The view truly was amazing. Roman and I loved it.


Breathtaking view of the Bay Area

That summarized our mini getaway to San Francisco and words cannot express how much I loved every single moment especially being able to experience it all with Roman.

Have a blessed one!


Pacific Coast Highway View

The California Coast

Nothing can describe the beauty of the California Coast.

 The Pacific Ocean. The scent. The air. The views. The mountains. The nature. The serenity.

I cannot describe it.

You have to see and experience it for yourself.

Pacific Coast Drive

View of the Pacific Ocean and California Coast

Jesci and I have a passion for traveling. We love to travel. And I mean, we LOVE to to travel! After spending some time in Northern California, we decided to make the drive on the scenic Pacific Coast Highway (Route 1) all the way back down to Los Angeles. It is hands down the most peaceful and scenic drive that we have ever done. It’s a long drive. And I mean long. It literally took us about 14 hours to drive from Northern California to LA, but I can honestly tell you that those 14 hours flew by. Time flies when I am with Jesci and I wish it didn’t go so fast! While I did do the majority of the driving, she would massage me and always make sure that I was comfortable driving. She would also constantly offer to drive and I did take her up on that offer a few times! I did end up falling asleep, but it was not for long as I could not get enough of the views!

Pacific Ocean

Views from our walk to the Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean Mountains California Coast

Beautiful view of the mountains

Rocks Pacific Ocean

Another beautiful view


Another beautiful California coast view


McWay Falls

McWay Falls at Big Sur, California

Pacific Coast Highway View

I would have to say that this is one of my favorite all time pictures, if not my favorite picture, of Jesci and I. This was taken at a random location literally right off of the Pacific Coast Highway.

I wanted to share our experience, but the pictures and videos do not do justice.

You have to see and experience it yourself.